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Bob Gearhart
Bob Gearhart
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You've created an account and you've been assigned as the HR Manager- what's next? When you log into formfire.com/interview you'll see the HR Dashboard, which allows you to view and manage several aspects of your company. Let's take a look in more detail.

Each section listed on the HR Dashboard takes you to a different HR responsibility or directly to your own personal account.




Here, we'll tell you if your company's Enrollment Period is open or closed. If open, you can see who has enrolled versus those who are eligible but have not yet enrolled.



Employee Status

This section breaks down where the Employees are in the application process. You can select Manage Employees to do even more, such as updating the employee's salary information, add placeholder accounts and more!



There are 4 Employee Status Types in FormFire:

  1. Complete - The Employee has completed the interview and electronically signed.
  2. Updating - The Employee is in the process of completing the interview, but has not yet signed.
  3. Not Started - The account is activated, but the Employee has not begun entering information.
  4. No Account - This is a placeholder account for the Employee, but the account has not yet been activated. This happens when you manually add the Employee in Manage Employees. The account is activated once the Employee creates an account with the Employer Code.



You can download the reports listed below from information the Employees have answered in the Employee Interview. Each report will be an Excel-generated file pre-filled with the Employees’ information.



My Information

By selecting the My Personal Account button, you can go to your Employee account and fill out your own insurance application online. This is separate from the items required for your HR role.



Employer Medical Information

If the insurance Carrier requires an Employer Medical Application or Risk Assessment for your company's submission, you may see this section. By selecting Update Employer Medical, you can fill out this form online like you're filling out your personal insurance form on our site!




This is your HR Document Center. Here, you can upload any documents that would be required for your company's Quote or Enrollment. Your Broker can even request documents from you and you'll see how many requested documents you have right here on your dashboard. Select Manage Documents to start!


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