How to reset a Form Fire account password as an HR Manager

Bob Gearhart Jr.
Bob Gearhart Jr.
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HR Managers and Employees can self-reset their passwords by verifying personal information.

Also, HR Managers can reset an Employee's password from the HR Dashboard with the Employee's permission. To help an Employee at your company, you'll need to verify the last 4 digits of the Employee's social security number and create a temporary password. A notification will go out to the Employee via email stating that their password has been updated.

Resetting a password for an Employee

First, you'll need to log into your account. Then, you'll see you're on the HR Dashboard. Click Manage Employees to access the Employee List for your company.



Once there, you'll see your Employees' listed on the screen, their usernames, and their account status. If you need to provide a specific Employee with his or her username, you can do so in person or via email.

However, if the reason that an Employee cannot complete his or her account is due to the fact that they don't remember their password, you can assist them by resetting it! Start by finding the Employee in question. Then select Reset PW on the right-hand side of your screen.



From there, you'll be taken to the Employee's password reset page. Follow the checklist and create a temporary password for the Employee. The Employee must create a new password when they log back in.



NOTE: You'll need to verify all information with the user before you reset an Employee's password!

Resetting a password for yourself

To self-reset your password, go to and select Forgot your password?



You'll need your username to reset your password. You can follow the steps outlined in our help article How to reset your password in FormFire.

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